Are You Tired of Overspending on Christmas?

Even with the best of intentions, almost everyone overspends on Christmas. Here are a few ideas to keep overspending to a minimum:

Go easy on electronics: Electronic devices, aside from TV’s, are usually the smallest, most expensive items to purchase. Top of the line smart phones cost more money than computers and laptops. Also go easy on the electronic devices and gaming consoles.

List of gift recipients: Make a list of everyone that you are going to give gifts to, even if it is only a mental list. This will also make shopping easier when you purchase gifts for less people.

Have a rough estimate of spending: Think of how much you want to spend for each person, which will help to prevent buying massive, spur of the moment, super expensive gifts on a whim

You care more about gifts for your kids then they do: Don’t overthink gift giving for your children. If you spend more money on one child, then you do not have to make up for it by spending more for the one you spent less on. Trust me, kids are not calculating how much you spent.

Most importantly, put it all in perspective: To celebrate Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Yes, it has become very secular/commercial nowadays, but this is why we celebrate Christmas.


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