5 Black Friday Mistakes I Made in the Past

Today is Black Friday and there are sales on virtually everything. It can be both a fun and stressful experience, and there are some mistakes I made in the past:

  1. Allowing myself to be convinced to wake up at 5:30 AM or was it 4:30 AM?. Waking up early does not bring out my “best” self.
  2. Not having a plan of which items to purchase or at least having a budget. This relates to shopping the old-fashioned way and online.
  3. Almost getting into a physical confrontation with someone 3 times my size because he thought that I cut in line. I like challenges.
  4. Not enjoying the experience, especially if it wasn’t your idea. Don’t fight over parking spots, run or walk quickly, complain, cut in line, be rude, or put on a frown.
  5. Remember these mistakes for next year!


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