Hate Your Job, Make Less Money and Be Unhappy?

There is a recurring theme that I keep on hearing about love/hate relationships with jobs. It’s only anecdotal, but are job haters unhappy and make less money than  those with high job satisfaction? What are the possible reasons and what can you do about it?

Difference between a difficult job and hating your job

There are some jobs that are difficult, due to a lot pressure, working for management with poor people skills, and harsh working conditions. I’m not talking about a difficult job, but one that you hate so much that you dread waking up, driving to work, and virtually every second you are working.

Your drive may be less if you dread your job

When the drive to perform your job is diminished, most likely you will not push yourself to do a great job or go above and beyond. Ironically, if you put more effort into a job, even one that you hate, you may increase your satisfaction, while at a minimum bettering your job performance. Your bosses and management will eventually notice.

Dissatisfaction = lower income

When your drive is lower because you hate your job, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy, whereas your performance suffers and so does your pay. If you don’t give just a little bit extra of yourself, then others will notice. You may end up being a self-centered taker vs. a generous giver, which does not feel good.

Control your reactions and responses

The ultimate solution is to respond to your job situation versus being reactive to every negative whim you experience. Maybe it is not the job that is the issue, but your reactions to your job situation. Start responding in a healthy way and you will start to see how your work relationships change for the better. Better relationships = greater satisfaction.

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