I Took the Day Off and You Should Too

Technology is absolutely wonderful at times. This is one of those times because I took the day off today, but still didn’t miss my goal of writing one post per week. Everyone needs a day off, a week off, or even a month off and here are 5 reasons why:

Rest and Recuperate

After working intensely or longer than normal hours everyone needs to take a break. The day after tax season is always a day off for myself and my staff, and I like to take at least a few additional days off after that. It’s hard to take a family vacation at this time with the kids being in school, but I get to see them more though.

Spend Time with Family

It’s good to be able to spend some additional time with your family and not being at work all day. You don’t have to fight the commute, come home tired, or still have stress resting on your shoulders when you come home. Most likely you are just a little more relaxed.

Complete a Small Project

Maybe there is a project that needs to be tackled that you haven’t been able to get to. For me, the list seems endless, but it feels good once a project is finished. Be careful if the project is too large, otherwise it will take away from resting and recuperating.

Reflect and Think

When I am able to relax, it makes it easier to reflect on different aspects of my life and the direction of how things are going. Also, ideas seem to flow more smoothly when not under pressure.

Be Thankful and Grateful

Be thankful that you get to have a day off and grateful for all that you have. A little gratitude can help to put things into perspective.

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