Why is Sales Such a Bad Word?

Everyone is trying to sell something, whether we realize it or not. Even employees are trying to sell themselves to get a job and keep moving up the ladder. Although selling has a bad reputation, it is more about intent, which makes it either good or bad.

The Bad Side of Sales

Selling a service or product that is unnecessary, unhelpful, damaging, or just not needed are the worst forms of selling. The “not needed “ product can be very subjective though, because no one really needs a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, but on the other hand, maybe it is exactly what is needed! On a serious note, a common example of selling something that is unnecessary can be a professional telling you that you need to replace your entire heating system, when it can easily be fully repaired for a fraction of the cost. Another example can be a warranty that is completely useless. The list goes on and every business that sells or provides a service should try to avoid selling in this manner.

The Good Side of Sales

If you are selling something that is in the best interest of your client, customer, or patient, then you are selling correctly. Put their interests before your wallet and you have nothing to worry about. This is the simplest test to alleviate your fears of being a sales person.

Don’t Over Think It

Don’t think about it too much. Everyone is selling something to some degree, whether we recognize it or not.

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