Deadline Approaching: Should You Make a Retirement Plan Contribution?

The due date for your tax return is fast approaching and so is the deadline to make a contribution to your IRA or a SEP-IRA if you own a business. Should you make the contribution, save the cash, or pay off some debt?

Reasons to Make the Contribution: Let’s assume that you have the extra cash. If you are looking for an extra deduction and you are able to make a deductible contribution then this is a great last minute strategy. You may have also maxed out your retirement plans at work and are looking for additional retirement savings. A non-deductible IRA contribution can also be advantageous too and may be able to be converted to a Roth IRA with no tax consequence, depending upon your situation.

Save the Cash: You may need the cash to start a business or expand your business. Start-ups need every bit of cash so saving for retirement may need to be put on hold for now. Additionally, the returns of starting or expanding a business can be many times greater than a retirement plan contribution.

Pay Off Debt: If you have very high interest rate debt, then paying down your debt will help you to pay off the debt faster and decrease your liabilities, which will in turn strengthen your finances. However, I do not recommend not contributing to a retirement plan to make extra payments towards your mortgage.

Other factors to consider are: large expenses that you may need to fund in the near future, your health, job and business stability, emergency fund balances, and your overall financial goals.