There’s Never Any Time!

We all work hard every single day, but often feel that the day was spent without getting anything done. There is something you can do about it, and here are a few tips to make your day more productive:

Do the Most Important Thing First: It may seem obvious, but if you don’t do what is important first, then you may never get to it. There are constant distractions that are always fighting for your time, and can easily eat away at it. This brings us to the second tip.

Don’t Let Your E-Mail or Mobile Phone Control You: E-mail is such a powerful tool, but can control and distract you. The same applies to your mobile phone, which usually receives phone calls, e-mails, alerts, text messages, etc. If you are always checking and responding to your e-mails and text messages, then your productivity will be decreased dramatically. It’s better to set aside time each day to take care of them.

Stop the Multi-Tasking Myth: I’m not convinced that doing two things at the same time makes you more productive. Rather, it will take you longer to complete two tasks together, then to complete one first and the other second.

I also like and practice the following: keep only the item that you are working on at your desk, plan your day ahead of time, and know the difference between urgency and importance. Use your time wisely as it is the most valuable resource we all have.