Choosing a Service Provider the Right Way

06-29-16 five-golden-stars-isolated-1142569-640x320When purchasing a product, it is usually much easier to compare it to similar products, or even to comparison shop between stores. But what about comparing services? Depending upon the type of service you are looking for, there are several factors to consider:

Referrals & Reviews: Was the provider referred to you from someone you know and trust? If that’s not possible, what about asking to speak to one or more of their customers or to view their online reviews? Perhaps viewing samples when applicable.

How Quickly Was Your Phone Call Returned? If you leave a message, was your phone call returned within a reasonable time. This can vary by type of service. With an emergency type of service, such as a plumbing issue, the call back should be very quick. With others, one business day is usually sufficient.

Price: The easiest comparison to make between service providers is price. Although this should be one factor to consider, it can be dangerous to consider it alone. Every time I hear complaints about the service of a business owner, I usually find that they have paid less than market value for the service. For example, a painter may quote a low fee, but use poor-quality paint and be sloppy, so that they can finish quickly. Then you will have to look at the cheap paint job every single day with disgust.

Credentials: Does the service require a license? You can easily perform an Internet search to verify if they have the proper license.

You should take the time to hire the right person the first time when you need a service performed.